WordPress Migration Plugin for Professionals

  • Easy full & partial site migrations (files & database)
  • Fully customizable for partial migrations
  • Re-run migrations many times
  • Essentially, no hassle migrations for WordPress

✓ 14 day free trial (creditcard required)
✓ 30 day money back guarantee


#1 Solution to migrate WordPress sites

WP Synchro is a fully featured WordPress migration solution, that can do your full site migrations and also do partial migrations. Such as synchronizing production with staging site or your local development environment with data from production.

❌ Currently, you are doing this:

  • Exporting/importing SQL files to move database tables
  • Moving files between FTP servers
  • Have doubt that the files are actually the same on both sites
  • Manual search/replacing in data to match the target
  • Handle all kinds of problems on each migration
  • Having to do it all again, every time you migrate :(

✅ Use WP Synchro and instead:

  • Configure your migration
  • Run migration and get some coffee
  • Peace of mind, knowing the whole migration is handled
  • No manual tasks to do after each migration
  • After first time, you can run it infinite times by clicking a button, saving you time and troubles every time

Don't take our word for it - Here is what others like you think

| rcstp | WordPress.org

" I tried all the major and minor migration plugins and none of them come close to WP Synchro. Most migration plugins are not very intuitive, it’s hard to figure out what to do, not WP Synchro. WP Synchro is SUPER EASY to use. It’s the easiest of all the migration plugins. What sets WP Synchro apart from the others is that it works on an entirely different concept, I don’t know how to describe it, just try it, you will see."

| ddeveny | WordPress.org

" We run a very complex hosting setup using elastic load balanced servers and cloudfront as well as remotely hosted staging site. We had some problems getting the settings and method just right but we got there in the end. Brian was instrumental in helping us do this and was very responsive. He even added some functionality to the plugin to suit our environment."

Just works!
| jtcov | WordPress.org

" After the initial setup, this plugin works seamlessly and has become part of our development workflow. One issue we had (support for self-signed SSL certificates) was quickly resolved by Brian. Would definitely recommend – has saved huge amounts of dev time!"

Awesome Plugin
| misterdaco | WordPress.org

" Very smooth and straight to the point functionalities. Simple to use and work well. Their support is very good too ! keep up the good work guys."

Pricing plans

Choose the most appropriate plan for you - You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel plan anytime later.



  • Up to 2 active sites**
  • ~ $4.0 / site / mo
  • All functionality
  • Priority support
  • Software updates

14 day free trial

Money back guarantee



  • Up to 5 active sites**
  • ~ $2.0 / site / mo
  • All functionality
  • Priority support
  • Software updates

14 day free trial

Money back guarantee



  • Up to 10 active sites**
  • ~ $1.3 / site / mo
  • All functionality
  • Priority support
  • Software updates

14 day free trial

Money back guarantee



  • Up to 30 active sites**
  • ~ $0.7 / site / mo
  • All functionality
  • Priority support
  • Software updates

14 day free trial

Money back guarantee



  • Up to 100 active sites**
  • ~ $0.5 / site / mo
  • All functionality
  • Priority support
  • Software updates

14 day free trial

Money back guarantee

* EU VAT for your country will be added if you reside in EU and dont have a valid EU VAT ID
** Active site is defined by a non-local site that used WP Synchro PRO in the last 30 days - read more

Want to try the free version first?

You can find it in WordPress plugin directory, where you can use some of the features for free.

Get WP Synchro news, developer workflow tips and release announcements

Core features of WP Synchro

The very core of WP Synchro is about migrating database data and files/dirs from one site to another.

Pull/push data

Pull or push data from one WordPress site to another. Always have the latest database and files to work with on your environment with the push of a button.

  • Save time by automating migrations - Setup once, run many times
  • Improve your service and quality to your customer by working on the best possible data on multiple environments.
  • Simple and convenient maintenance of your environments

Migrate database

Migrate database tables between your environments with no hassle. Choose the tables you want to move and what search/replaces you want to do on the data.

  • Fast migrations, with correct search/replace in data and no errors
  • Save time every time you re-run a database migration.
  • No more tedious moving of .sql files between databases

Migrate files

Migrate the files between your environments. You can choose what to transfer, such as WordPress, themes, plugins, uploads or other specific files/dirs.

  • Only migrate the difference in files, saving you time on every sync
  • Choose the exact data you want to migrate for your project, to make it fast and have full control.
  • Prevent errors from files not being in sync


Common use cases for WP Synchro

Migrating a site to a local development environment once or multiple times

Pull migration from production to local development environment

This is the most common use case, which WP Synchro PRO completely support. To accomplish this, you would setup a new migration choosing 'pull' as the type and then choosing what you want migrated. You have complete control over what you want migrated and can have multiple setups with different configurations.

We normally have one migration configuration to get a copy of the production database to our local development environment and another configuration to migrate the files we want, such as media and other files.

That way we always have a solid environment, with data close to the production data, when we create new features and do bugfixing. This makes it alot faster, easier and more professional for our customers.

Create a staging environment for a production site and keep it updated on demand

Pull from production site to staging site

An important part of a professional developer workflow, is having an environment where updates/new features/changes can be tested on. You never want to apply changes to a production environment without having a proper degree of certainty that it will not break the production site. This can be solved by testing changes on a local dev site or a staging site.

To accomplish this use case with a staging site, you would start by creating a new WordPress site, with url like staging.mysite.com. On this you would install WP Synchro PRO and configure it to pull data from the production site.

Then, every time you want to test anything, you re-run your pull configuration on the staging environment and this will update it to the same data as production site.

Then we have a perfect staging environment, that is ready in no time and makes sure you deliver the best quality and service to your customers.

Push database/file change from a dev site to a production/staging site

Push from local dev environment to staging or production site

When making changes to a site, as response to a customer request or on you own site, you have to migrate these changes to a staging/production site. This can be done manually every time, but it can also be done by a push of a button. This prevents errors, such as forgotten files and the likes.

In WP Synchro PRO you would setup a push configuration and choose the specific data you want to push. It can be the database (if it is a static site only) or files/dirs to be moved.

Example: You develop a theme on your local environment and want to push to a production site when the timing is right. You would only have to do the configuration once and run it with the push of a button every time you want to push the code.

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to use WP Synchro?

You can find a detailed list of requirements in the getting started documentation.

How does the 14 day free trial work?

We know that signing up and paying for at product takes some trust, so we want to give you 14 days free trial, to test out the product.

In practice you just checkout out the plan you want to use like a normal purchase and the first payment will be charged after 14 days. Until the first payment, you can just cancel the subscription and there will be no cost for you. Credit card is required for signup.

But beware that the subscription will automatically capture the first payment, after the 14 day trial period, if you do not cancel it before.

What is the 30 day money back guarantee?

We trust our products and use them ourselves, so we want to give you the chance to try it out without any risk.
That means that you until 30 days from account signup, can request a refund of the payments on the subscription plan you have chosen. We would of course like to know why you dont like the product, but it is always your choice. We will then refund the payments you have made as soon as possible. Just contact us by email and we will make it happen.

After the 30 days, you can cancel your subscription like you always can, which will then run out the period paid for and then stop.

What is this active sites licensing concept and how does it work?

Check out our documentation on how Active site licensing work.

Can I change subscription at a later point?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade the plans as you want. If you change plan in the middle of a subscription period, you only need to pay the difference for the new plan. If you downgrade to a cheaper plan, the rest will be refunded to you as soon as possible.

Can I have multiple subscriptions?

Yes, you can mix them as you like. The active sites will be added together, so if you have a 30 site plan and 100 site plan, your license will work on 130 active sites.

Do you have plans with WP Synchro or is it "done"?

We have big plans for WP Synchro and want it to become the defacto standard for migrating WordPress sites for professionals.

So we are actively developing and improving it.

How do I get in contact with you?

If it is regarding sales, subscription status and generel questions you can send a email to contact@wpsynchro.com

If you have questions regarding the plugin, support issues or bug reports, you can contact us at support@wpsynchro.com