Developer API - Hooks & actions

WP Synchro provides a few ways to integrate your own code with events in WP Synchro.

Beware: For your own code in a plugin or theme to be loaded, you need to disable WP Synchro MU plugin in "Setup" menu, as this functionality disables themes and plugins during WP Synchro requests.

Here is a list of integration points into WP Synchro:

Action: wpsynchro_synchronization_completed

This action is run when WP Synchro completes with success.


add_action("wpsynchro_synchronization_completed", function() { error_log("sync completed"); });

Action: wpsynchro_synchronization_failure

This action is run when WP Synchro fails during a synchronization.


add_action("wpsynchro_synchronization_failure", function() { error_log("sync failed"); });

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