Troubleshooting in WP Synchro

This is a short guide for developers to do troubleshooting when WP Synchro fails. Which does not happen that often, of course :)

But should the unlikely happen, here is the steps we usual do to identify what happened:

  • Check WP Synchro's own log, by going to the menu "Logs" and examine the migration log that gave errors.
    • Make sure there are entries like [DEBUG] xxxxx, to make sure that debug logging is enabled.
      If there is not, make sure to enable it in "Setup" and re-run migration.
    • Search for "Migration object" and check the logs ABOVE that, which is the last log messages and often contains the errors.
    • Do search in the log for words like "error", "warning", "critical".
  • Examine the PHP error log, if possible, to check if it contains any WP Synchro related entries around the time it failed.
  • Re-run the failing migration with Google Chrome and enabled developer tools - Check the network tab and console tab for failing requests and errors.

If none of these yield any results or you require assistance on the issues, always feel free to contact our support.

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