WP Migrate DB PRO alternative

WP Synchro as WP Migrate DB Pro alternative - WP Synchro benefits:
  • Supports file migration
  • Migrate WP/themes/plugins/uploads
  • Migrate extra dir/file locations
  • Save up to 71% on small plans
  • Save up to 15% on large plans
  • Monthly subscription
  • 14 day free trial
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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Looking for a WP Migrate DB PRO alternative? Lets see why WP Synchro is an alternative.

WP Migrate DB PRO functionality is to move WordPress database between two existing WordPress installations.

This can also be done by a WordPress professional by dumping the database to a sql file, moving it to a new location and importing the file. Besides moving the data, a search-replace is needed in the data, because the url often also change when moving data. This is also solved by the plugin by making it easy to search-replace in the data. This search-replace can also be done manually, but it takes time.

But even though the plugin solves a problem that can be done manually, it takes precious time and this process can, depending on how you work, be something you do a lot.

So it is a time saver plugin. So far, so good. But...

WP Migrate DB PRO is a quality plugin, but it lacks a very important trait...

When doing professional WordPress development, you normally develop locally on your computer. The site you work on will consist of a database with a set of tables and a set of files. That set of files can be a complete web root or maybe just a plugin/theme.

So that means that the sites will consist of both database and a set of files. Multiple times during a websites life, a new version needs to be deployed and that usually means uploading those files to the remote site and overwriting the current files. And just as often, the local development or staging environment needs to be synced with the changes from a production site.

WP Migrate DB PRO only supports database migration, but does not support synchronizing files.
So it only handles half of the synchronizing task. So what can we use as a WP Migrate DB PRO alternative?

What we really need, is a plugin that can handle both. Meaning that it automates the database migration (like WP Migrate DB PRO) and also supports migrating files, which can be specified, so not only themes/plugins/WP/uploads is migrated.

WP Synchro as alternative

WP Migrate DB PRO alternative - WP Synchro

WP Synchro is designed to be the complete migration tool for professional WordPress developers. It was created, because no other tool/plugin existed to do it all (both files and DB), with control over what to move. So perhaps the perfect breed between WP Migrate DB Pro, Duplicator and All-in-one-Migration, for professional developers.

WP Synchro supports file migration, such as migrating WordPress core, themes, plugins and uploads dir (with media) and also user specified directories/files.

Our plugin is also priced differently that WP Migrate DB PRO. Especially on smaller plans, where you can save up to 71% on WP Synchro compared to WP Migrate DB PRO. We believe in fair pricing for smaller plans, which typically is for smaller businesses. On larger plan, you can still save up to 15% on WP Synchro compared to WP Migrate DB PRO.

WP Synchro scales nicely and fairly with your business from the startup to large agencies.

Subscription plans are on a monthly basis, so you have total flexibility on a monthly basis. WP Migrate DB PRO is only yearly payments, so that locks you down for a long period.

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