Health check errors

Here are some of the common issues identified by WP Synchro health check. Always make sure to have the latest WP Synchro version installed.

Message: REST test error - Tried making X consecutive requests (with HTTP GET/POST) to a test REST service on this site. X of them failed, with these errors

As part of the health check, WP Synchro tries to make some REST calls to the same site. This is done to verify that REST services are running and that the hosting support multiple calls without any of them failing.

To manually test if the REST services are running, you can try the test REST service that WP Synchro provides in a browser:

<site-url>/wp-json/wpsynchro/v1/test Example: http://wpsynchro1.test/wp-json/wpsynchro/v1/test

If this works and it just returns [], then it is working as expected.

If REST service works correctly, it is most likely that you have a misconfiguration of the hosting that the site is running on, due to too few workers to handle the requests.

If you are running LocalWP, check out this documentation about LocalWP issues with WP Synchro

If running other hosting, you need to examine your configuration of NGINX/Apache/PHP to make sure that enough workers can handle multiple connections to the site at a time.

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